Press Club Board Meeting Minutes for Annual Meeting, December 12, 2011

5163 Clayton Avenue, 63110 (in Forest Park)

65 people attended this year’s Annual Meeting.

Board Members Attending:

Claire Applewhite, Amanda Cook, Cynthia Frolichstein, Richard Gavatin, Margaret Gillerman, William Greenblatt, Alice Handelman, Irvin Harrell, Molly Hyland, Diane Keaggy, Thomas Keller, Benjamin Lipman, Trish Muyco-Tobin, Pam Niehaus, Barbara Langsam Shuman, Bill Smith, Richard Weiss, President Gloria S. Ross, Executive Director Glenda Partlow and interns John Owen and Chelsea Cox.

The event began at 6:30p.m. with guests enjoying passed appetizers and the multiple food stations, as well as complimentary wine donated by Crown Valley Winery and Adam Puchta Winery.

President Gloria S. Ross called the 55th Annual Meeting to order at 6:55p.m.

The agenda and long-range plan were handed out.

2011-2013 Board Member Slate and Election:

Ross introduced the board members for election to the 2012-2014 term. They are Claire Applewhite, Amanda Cook, Ellen Futterman, Irvin B. Harrell, Molly Hyland, Thomas Keller, Benjamin A. Lipman, Carol Lundgren, Trish Muyco-Tobin, Vickie Newton, Bill Smith, and Aisha Sultan.

Patty Wente moved to approve the board member slate. Jan Scott seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

Introduction of 2012-2013 Officers:

The following officers and committee members were briefly introduced by Ross. Immediate past president: Richard Weiss; Secretary: William Greenblatt; Treasurer: Benjamin A. Lipman; Vice Presidents of Publicity: Carol Lundgren and Margaret Gillerman; Programming: Pam Niehaus, Judy Kaplan and Irvin Harrell; Scholarships and Education: Claudia Burris, Aisha Sultan; Membership: Patty Wente; Bylaws: Richard Gavatin; Enterprise Journalism: Dick Weiss; Nominating: Alice Handelman, Barbara Shuman and Carol Lundgren.

President’s Year-End Report:

Ross introduced the Press Club’s long-range plan, which the board is currently working to complete. The outline of the plan was distributed.

She thanked Ellen Soule, Alice Handelman and Amanda Cook for their contribution to this year’s very successful Face the Nation event, which raised $5,000 for our Face the Nation Media Scholarship. The club gave out a total of 14 scholarships this past year.

Ross commended Patti Wente and the membership committee on their work to increased membership. She also reported that Pam Niehaus is planning to expand programming through increased accessibility and by adding some new program ideas, a few of which include a tour of the Peabody Opera House and a Cardinals baseball game.

Ross also reported that we have given three additional Enterprise Journalism grants this year.

Keynote by Leisa Zigman:

Ross introduced keynote speaker Leisa Zigman who is an anchor and reporter for KSDK-TV Channel 5. Ross spoke of Zigman’s work in media, particularly KSKD. She also talked about Zigman’s battle with cancer and her continued participation in local and national charity efforts.

Zigman discussed her work in media and the back story of her battle with cancer, which is now in remission.

After Zigman’s keynote, Ross thanked the fall intern, John Owen, for his hard work this semester and gave him a $1000 internship scholarship check.

President’s “Above and Beyond” Awards:

Ross awarded the following people: Amanda Cook, Richard Gavatin, Jean Gosebrink, Alice Handelman, and Ellen Soule for their exemplary service to the club.

Presentation of the Catfish Club Award and Induction into the Catfish Club:

Ross introduced the two Catfish Club award recipients for 2011, Benjamin A. Lipman and Richard Weiss.

Ross talked about how Weiss started the Enterprise Journalism Fund with a $5,000 contribution, and his role, not only as president, but also as the chair for the very successful 2010 Media Person of the Year event.

In introducing Lipman, Ross talked about his role as the Club’s treasurer for the last six years, and his probono legal advice to the Club.

Both recipients gave brief acceptance speeches. Lipman commented that he is the second person in his family to receive a Catfish Award. His father was the first.

Ross officially declared both recipients Catfish Club members and acknowledged all of the Catfish Club members who were present, which included Cynthia Frohlichstein, William Greenblatt, Alice Handelman, Bob Hille, Benjamin Lipman, James Lubbock, Pam Niehaus, Gloria Ross, Verna Smith, and Richard Weiss.

Introduction of President-Elect:

Ross introduced Bill Smith as the President-Elect. Smith gave a brief thank you speech.

Acknowledgments and Call to Action / Adjournment:

Ross thanked Glenda Partlow and Laura Schnarr for their continued service and for helping out with Press Club events and all social media.

Verna Smith requested that the club acknowledge and thank original Press Club members. Bob Hille, who’s an original member, was present. Everyone thanked him with applause. Hille quipped that the Club “was enjoying much better food tonight than they had when we originally met.”

Ross adjourned the meeting at 8:02p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

William Greenblatt, Secretary (prepared by John Owen and Glenda Partlow).