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Scholarships Offered By The St. Louis Press Club

The St. Louis Press Club awards and funds a variety of scholarships for communications students from the St. Louis metropolitan region. Some are in conjunction with the Journalism Foundation.
These scholarships include:

The Mike Shannon Scholarship for Sports Broadcast Journalism/ Sports Writers - $5,000
Presented by the Press Club, the St. Louis Cardinals and Mike Shannon to a journalism student pursuing a career in sports broadcast journalism or sports writing
(Final selection of The Mike Shannon scholarship recipient is made by the St. Louis Cardinals and Mike Shannon)
Click here to donate to the Mike Shannon Scholarship fund for Sports Broadcast Journalism/ Sports Writers

The Alice Handelman Scholarship for Feature Writing - $3,600
Presented by the Press Club for journalism students pursuing a career in feature writing
Click here to donate to the Alice Handelman Scholarship fund for Feature Writing

Ronald W. Wade Journalism Scholarship - $2,500
Presented by the Press Club and St. Louis Post-Dispatch to a minority journalism student
Click here to read about Ronald W. Wade and to donate to this scholarship

Joan Foster Dames Women’s Journalism and Media Studies Scholarship - $1,000  
For women pursuing a degree in journalism or media studies
Click here to read the Eulogy for Joan Foster Dames, Click here to donate to the Joan Foster Dames scholarship

Joe Bonwich Media Scholarship - $1,000
For students pursuing a media communications career
Click here to donate to the Joe Bonwich scholarship

David Lipman Journalism Scholarship - $4,000
Presented by the Press Club and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to a journalism student at the University Of Missouri School of Journalism
(Selection of David Lipman scholarship recipient is made by the University of Missouri School of Journalism faculty)

Donald R. Burris Journalism Scholarship - $1,500
For a student pursuing a media career in print, broadcast or digital journalism

Karlheinz and Doris Finzel Photojournalism Scholarship - $1,500
Presented to a student pursuing a photojournalism career

Sarah Bryan Miller Scholarship - $1,500
For a student studying both communications and music

FleishmanHillard Journalism Foundation Scholarship - $1,500

Times Newspapers and Webster University Journalism Foundation Scholarship - $1,000

Missouri Professional Communicators and St. Louis Press Club Journalism Foundation Scholarship - $1,000

United Media Guild Journalism Foundation Scholarship - $1,000

St. Louis Press Club Internship Scholarships - $1,000 - $1,500
For communications students each semester interning at St. Louis Press Club

High School Journalism Scholarship - $1,000
For a graduating high school senior
(Selected  by the Missouri Journalism Educators’ Association)

Where Are They Now?

 The Press Club has given out over 250 scholarships in the past half-century! See what some of our more recent scholarship recipients are doing.

Christa Corrigan

University of Missouri-Columbia, 2015

Corrigan is a freelance editor in the editorial department of Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services in New York City analyzing and copy editing financial reports on both domestic and global industries.

Rhyan Henson

Butler University, 2015

Hensen is a multi-media journalist and news reporter for KMBT in Beaumont, Texas. He has been dedicating a good deal of time during this football season reporting for KMBT’s sports show.

Sam Masterson

Webster University, 2011

Masterson is at CBS Radio’s KMOX 1120 in St. Louis working as part-time digital content coordinator for weekday mornings and also using his multimedia skills to cover sports and news. He is an executive producer for the weekly segment, Chris Hrabe’s St. Louis High School Sports Spotlight. Masterson shoots, writes and edits the videos that are voiced by sports personality, Chris Hrabe of KMOX.









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                When you give to the Press Club you are helping to insure the future of quality local media. Our mission is to serve as a primary resource for the journalism and communications industry. Our goals are to advance understanding of the mass communications discipline, promote scholarship and professional excellence, facilitate communication between mass communicators and their respective publics and promote awareness of significant issues facing the mass communications field throughout the community.

                The St. Louis Press Club needs your support to continue funding these important programs:



Ways to Give

Year-end and Charitable Giving

                Please consider a donation to the St. Louis Press Club as a charitable gift or for your year-end charitable giving. Often charitable donations can be asked for in lieu of flowers for funerals or gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Surprise a loved one with the gift of a Press Club membership.

                Year-end giving is often an important time of the year, and choosing the best place to donate to can be difficult. It is only because of our loyal and dedicated members that year after year the Press Club is able to continue giving scholarships to many deserving and often underserved students. 

                The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis Charitable Fund is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible. All donations are acknowledged with a letter containing our federal tax ID and W-9s are provided upon request.

                If your employer has a matching gift program, your donation could mean twice as much.


Pay Your Dues

                This may seem like a no-brainer, but paying your dues on time is the best way to support The St. Louis Press Club. We rely on our members to make their annual dues payments, as this is the backbone for everything that we do. Our members are professionals, who are interested in their work and community.

                Press Club has a lot to offer our members. We are a true “umbrella” organization for those in the communications professions. Stay on top of issues, trends and techniques—while gaining valuable networking opportunities. Other benefits include access to our comprehensive Media and Community Resource Guide, a guide to the region’s media, newsmakers and communication businesses, our Membership Directory, and our monthly “Courier” newsletter, which highlights club activities. Social activities for members and guests have included lectures, Press Club at the Gatesworth speaker series, concerts, movie nights, tours of new attractions, sporting events and after-work events at various places.


Attend Events

                Attending our events is the easiest and most enjoyable way to support the Press Club. We have entertaining, worthwhile events like the Media Persons of the Year Gala, Beauty Buzz, and the Annual Meeting.

                Initiated in 1988, The MPOY Gala is the biggest Press Club event of the year and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for scholarships, internships and other worthy causes. The “Media Person of the Year” Award recognizes distinguished men and women from the St. Louis media whose exemplary performance has established standards of professional conduct and accomplishment. Today, the gala draws hundreds of people -- from the movers and shakers of St. Louis, to everyday citizens -- with a special affinity for the media professional(s) being honored. The event has gained the reputation of being a memorable evening of entertainment, with the honorees graciously accepting their “roasting” by prominent personalities and friends.

                Press Club’s Annual Meeting is always a night to remember. Often highlighted by a great guest speaker, it includes a delicious dinner, a recap of the Club’s yearly activities, the presentation of the coveted Catfish Award and President’s  Awards, and the election of the next board.


Invite Friends and Colleagues to Join

                The St. Louis Press Club has so much to offer, and you can help us grow by inviting your friends and colleagues to join! A great way to introduce friends to our organization is by bringing them to one of our events. Not only do we host fabulous events like the MPOY Gala, Beauty Buzz, and the Annual Meeting, but also Press Club at the Gatesworth Speaker Series, Social Media workshops, luncheon forums on current issues, and Media Literacy Week events we co-sponsor with Gateway Media Literacy Partners.

                Social Media as a great tool to connect and network, but it’s also an easy way to make more people aware of what we have to offer. The St. Louis Press Club recently launched our LinkedIn page and we continue to update our facebook page and our twitter feed, so “like”, “follow”, “connect” and “share”!

       is the place to go for the latest information and is the hub of the club. We invite you to discover what our website has to offer. You can see everything the St. Louis Press Club does, make donations, pay your dues, rsvp for the latest events, browse and view pictures of past events, keep up to date on what’s happening, apply for scholarships, learn about our history, and so much more!



                Wills and bequests are for everyone. They are the simplest, most effective and common way to plan for the future and to ensure that your ideals and priorities are reflected in the distribution of your assets.

                No matter whether your estate is large or small, it is just good common sense to have a will. Without a will, the laws of the state of Missouri will determine how your assets are divided. So, even if there is a natural tendency to procrastinate in this area, writing a will is one of the most significant and self-expressive actions a person can take.

                If our scholarship fund and making a difference in the lives of our communicators of the future is important in your life, you can ensure this ongoing program by making a bequest to Press Club in your will. The terms of the bequest may specify a dollar amount or a percentage of the residuary estate. The bequest can take the form of particular assets such as real estate, art or stocks, or it can be set up as a trust that will support both your individual beneficiaries and Press Club.

                The language required for a bequest to Press Club is: “I give, devise and bequeath to The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis Charitable Fund, a not-for-profit organization, the sum of $_____ or all of my residuary estate. If you already have a will, you can add a codicil designating Press Club as a beneficiary. The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis Charitable Fund is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is 100% tax deductible.