World-Building for Writers

The Missouri Botanical Garden | June, 10, 2023


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These days we have a wealth of headlines dominating our nation’s psyche -- the pandemic,
politics, human rights, shifting foreign policy, the ever-present threat of terrorism, among
others -- but we also live in a time when the integrity of news reporting and story-telling is at

For 65 years, the St. Louis Press Club has been the leading professional organization for those
who make, cover and influence the news. When you support the Press Club you are helping to
insure the future of quality local media.

Our mission is to serve as a primary resource for the journalism and communications industry.
Our goals are to advance understanding of the mass communications discipline, promote
scholarship and professional excellence, facilitate communication between mass
communicators and their respective publics, and promote awareness of significant issues
facing the mass communications field throughout the community. The St. Louis Press Club
needs you to continue these important programs:


Since 1972, The St. Louis Press Club has given over half
a million dollars
in scholarships to students aspiring to
careers in media related fields.

St. Louis Press Club's World-Building for Writers

Missouri Botanical Garden
Saturday, June 10, 2023